The Memo: #29 (94+ remote roles)

Hey folks,

I’d love to get more of a sense of the types of roles that you’re looking for. If you haven’t filled a form in the past and we haven’t spoken, get in touch. I've got many more roles that aren’t included and I want to make sure there’s something here for all. email me

I’ll be launching a series of exclusive interviews with CEOs, founders, CTOs, CMOs and others running remote companies. Building a tentative list of guests, some of which I’ve spoken to in the past. The interviews should provide members with a better sense of how they operate as a remote company and their own thoughts what they look for in remote candidates.

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Codeworks offers immersive courses to master Software Engineering. Ranked as one of the best coding academies, it provides remote and on-site programs, with campuses in Europe and Americas.  Special offer for The Memo readers: get a discount of up to $500! Browse Codeworks courses through their website and apply through this link to get the discount (offer valid until January 31, 2020, for students who choose the upfront payment option).

Submit your project!

As previously mentioned, I’m taking the funds from the current sponsorship and putting it towards supporting one person in the community building a side project. Sponsorship is small ($100) but you use the funds however you see fit. You can submit your project and I’ll pick one person and announce them in the next newsletter.

Submit your project here & Full details in the last edition

  • It’s hard to write a good CV. Telling the story of the impact that you had is difficult and anyone helping you has to go off what you tell them. I’m testing sending 2-3 questions every Friday to members of the community that will have you reflect on what you achieved in the past week. I’ll send out the first batch this Friday (17th). If you’re interested, you can fill out this short form.

  • Freelance web developer and friend of the community, Josh Pitzalis, is building a new product called ClientTree, designed to help freelancers find more clients by word-of-mouth. If you’re freelancing and trying to find more clients, you can start with this blog post Josh wrote that walks you through his process.

Chris ✌️

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Software Developer/Software Engineer – Osano

Senior Platform Engineer – Ripple

Senior Solutions Architect – Bullhorn

Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) – Splice

Software Engineer (knowledge of Go or willing to learn)

Software Engineer, Marketplace (Go)

Senior Infrastructure Engineer – Axios

Frontend Engineer – Clubhouse

Backend Engineer

MySQL BDA – ReCharge Payments

Security Engineer

Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer in Test, Platform API

Software Development Manager

Software Engineer, Platform Services

Solutions Engineer

Frontend Engineer –

Senior Full Stack Developer – k3b (Remote, Germany)

Senior Software Engineer (Remote, Germany)

Sr. Software Engineer – CodeSignal

Senior Front End Developer – Territory (US)

Cloud Infrastructure Engineer – Timescale (timezones UTC-8 to +3)

Core Database Developer (timezones UTC-8 to +3)

Testing Infrastructure and Release Engineer(timezones UTC-8 to +3)

Front End Developer – Mattermost

Front End Developer (remote, Austin)

Node.js Engineer - Application Performance Monitoring – Elastic

Senior JavaScript Engineer

Front End Web Developer – Day Translations

DevOps Engineer(US) – Knock


Senior Project Manager – Bullhorn (UK; travel approx. 50% of the time)

Implementation Project Manager – VNDLY (US; remote w/ prior VMS project management experience)

Product Owner – SwiftComply (note: for founding members interested in the role, I can connect you to the hiring manager)

Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager – Sisense

Product Manager – ReCharge Payments

Product Manager, Internal Tools

Director of Product Marketing – Elastic (US)

Program Manager, Website

Senior Product Manager- UI/UX – Timescale (timezones UTC-8 to +3)

Senior Technical Product Manager – Knock (US)

Senior Product Manager – Mattermost

Senior Product Manager - Mobile Applications

Technical Product Marketing Manager

Scrum Master – Limelight Health (US)

Product Manager – Day Translations

Data Science

Senior Software Engineer (Data) – Willow (open to remote based on seniority)

Database Administrator (MySQL) – BillTrust(US)

Freelance Data Analysis Mentors/Tutors – CareerFoundry

Data Analyst Course Writer - SQL, Python

Senior Data Engineer – ReCharge Payments


Social Media/Community Manager – (full-time, remote)

Ad Campaign Manager – SwissBorg

Partner Marketing Manager – Corevist AngelList: $75k – $115k • 0.0% – 0.5%

Marketing Automation Manager

Community Marketing Manager – Timescale

Open Source Community Manager – Mattermost

Open Source Community Manager(remote, Berlin)

Conference Content Coordinator (Contract) – MongoDB


Content Editor – Splice

Freelance UX and UI Mentor/Tutor – CareerFoundry (EU)

Freelance UX Design Tutors and Mentor

Marketing Designer – SwissBorg

Senior Design Researcher – Creative Market (US)

Graphic Designer – Credly

Product Designer – Territory (US)

Senior UI/UX Designer – Timescale (timezones UTC-8 to +3)

UI/UX Engineer (timezones UTC-8 to +3)

Mobile UX Designer – Mattermost


Account Executive – Osano (says Austin, but team is fully distributed & remote is a listed perk)

Account Executive, Field Sales (Florida) – Bullhorn

Account Executive, Field Sales (NYC Region)

Senior Strategic Consultant (heavy travel; 80% of the time)

Account Specialist, Enterprise

Account Executive of Enterprise Sales – VNDLY (US West Coast; travel 50%)

Pre Sales Engineer (US West Coast)

Pre Sales Engineer (US East Coast)

Account Executive – Sisense (Remote, Germany)

Channel Manager (Remote, Germany)

Account Executive – Clubhouse

Account Manager – ReCharge Payments

Partner Manager

Sales Manager (US) – Corevist

Sales Manager (EMEA)

Operations, Support & Other

Seasonal Customer Happiness Coordinator – Summersalt (part-time)

Customer Care Agent – Willow (several FT & PT roles; US hours)

Technical Support Analyst – Bullhorn

Senior Partnership Development Manager – Sisense (Remote, Seattle)

Director of Customer Success Operations – ReCharge Payments

Senior Solutions Consultant

Customer Success Manager – CodeSignal

The Memo: #28 (170+ remote roles)

Hey folks,

This will be the final newsletter for the year and we’ll get back at it after this in January. Instead of including all the job links in the email, I've added them to a publicly accessible Google Sheet (link below). I may revert back to including all the job links in the email moving forward.

Thank you to everyone that’s subscribed, shared this newsletter, and written in over the past few months to offer praise and feedback for this weird community of remote workers and makers that I’m building. And big thank you to everyone that’s supported the newsletter & community financially.


Are you thinking about levelling-up your skill set by learning how to code? Codeworks offers immersive courses to master Software Engineering. Ranked as one of the best coding academies, it provides remote and on-site programs, with campuses in Europe and Americas. 

Special offer for The Memo readers: get a discount of up to $500! Browse Codeworks courses through their website and apply through this link to get the discount (offer valid until January 31, 2020, for students who choose the upfront payment option)

Submit your project!

As previously mentioned, I’m taking all of the funds from the Codeworks sponsorship and putting it towards someone in the community building a side-project. While it’s not a whole lot – $100 – if you’re project is chosen you can use the funds however you see fit to advancing your side-project. Details:

  1. Friends, family, and anyone else with a personal connection to me or anyone working on the newsletter will be ineligible.

  2. The only thing I’ll ask of the selected project is to either Tweet regularly over the course of a month about the progress that they’re making, or, alternatively, write a short blog post at the end of the month about their progress and next steps.

  3. I’ll pick a project in early January and anyone is open to submit their project for consideration here:

  4. I’ll announce the selected project here and on Twitter. Follow me on Twitter to keep an eye out.

  5. Have a look at the Codeworks website, if you’re thinking about picking up coding, use this link to sign up.

This whole newsletter and community has been an experiment, and so my hope is that since we’re member-funded, we can use sponsorship funds to test out a way of supporting side projects.

Questions, comments, concerns: email me.

Tips on writing a better CV

I’ve seen dozens of CVs at this point, and so I thought I’d share some thoughts about what to look out for. I plan on fleshing these points out a little more for a blog post.

  • Use a standard design format. If you’re not designer, don’t try to reinvent the wheel.

  • Make sure that there aren’t design inconsistencies. Bullet points with dashes in some places and dots in others is just one example.

  • Grammar. Can be a deal breaker.

  • Demonstrate the impact that you’ve had in each bullet point with numbers. This is a big one. Instead of simply saying oversaw this function of the business, your bullet points should demonstrate the impact that you’ve had with tangible numbers. Increased revenue by X% because of X, Y, Z strategies.

  • Less is (almost always) more. Fight the need to pack every inch of the CV with information; it makes very difficult to read for someone that’s just scanning.

  • Have someone else read it. There are things that you’re not going to see. As a perk for our paying members, I offer to review their CVs and cover letters. But I would suggest to just find someone that will do it.

  • Read other people’s CVs. In the new year, I may look to pair people up in the community so that you can read each other’s CVs.

  • Aim for brevity with your mission statement/overview, if you include one.

  • Skills. This doesn’t have to be too long and you should omit things that are obvious.

  • Your photo is probably unnecessary.

Your CV is a landing page and you’re trying to move a prospective customer down the funnel. For me, that’s a helpful way to think about the goal of a CV.

Ok, that’s kind of the easy stuff. Here’s the hard stuff:

  • Get good at telling your story or get someone else to help you tell it.

  • Know the outcome you’re driving towards.

  • Identify the weaknesses in your narrative.

Telling your career story in your CV is hard because you’re in current role but you’re also the narrator that needs to tell a compelling story and sell yourself.

Demonstrating impact seems to be somewhat difficult for a number of people. It seems that most people, myself included, only really take time to think about the impact that they’ve had in their roles when they’re revamping their CVs.

The process of updating your CV with impact points might be made easier if we all took 5-10 minutes every week to answer a few questions:

  1. What did I do this week?

  2. What impact did I have?

  3. How did I achieve that impact?

It’s difficult to outsource the writing of your CV to someone else because if you give them a CV with bullet points that say “Implemented the plan/Oversaw a team” they have no way of coming up with anything else to put in its place.

Anyways, if you find it difficult to tell your story in your CV, I’m thinking about sending out a short survey every Friday afternoon, with three questions from above, starting in January. We’ll collect your answers and you can review whenever you want or more likely every few months.

If there’s some record of the work that you’ve done, you can look back at it and craft a better story, or think differently about the impact you’re having while you’re in your current role. Additionally, other people – friends, colleagues, whoever – will be able to help craft your CV story with this additional aide.

If you’re interested, you can drop your email in this form.

  • Louis Valenzuela, OG community-member and multi-faceted designer, currently has some space in his calendar for some design work, consultation, or potentially a full-time role. Check out Louis’ revamped website here and reach out to him directly to discuss your next project.

  • If you’re interested in supporting the community with a lifetime membership (one-time fee) for $79, send me an email with a couple lines about yourself. Or you can support the community with either a monthly or annual membership via the button below:

Chris ✌️

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Slightly different format; you can view all jobs on this Google Sheet.

Problems viewing? Email me.

The Memo: #27 (161+ remote jobs)

Hey folks,

I stumbled on this excellent blog post by Patrick McKenzie from back in 2011. Although the post is titled “Don't Call Yourself A Programmer, And Other Career Advice,” there’s some great career advice that I think is widely applicable.

I highlight three key takeaways below:

  • Finding a job via a job board is the exception not the rule.

    This the hard reality of finding any role, whether in be on-site or remote. My philosophy for people in this community has always been that you should use the job placement as jumping off point. Others have made this point, but I’ll make it again here: there are more remote roles open than are advertised. Find a point of contact and reach out to someone at the company in question. If I can find an email through my network or this community, reach out.

  • People who are good at negotiating make more.

    Being better a negotiating is key. I’ve been collecting salary info to help put people in the community in a better position when they’re negotiating. If you haven’t already, you can fill out that form here, and add your CV and recent salary range.

  • Grow your network.

    This is one of the reasons why I started the community 1-on-1s. If you haven’t yet, sign up to connect to others in the community here.

Support the newsletter and community by becoming a founding member.

I’m extending the founding member deal, where you can join for just $79/lifetime (one-time fee). If you’re interested, send me an email with a couple lines about yourself.

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  • CV + cover letter review whenever you need it

  • Community 1-on-1s

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  • Best practice tips on building your own side project

General interest

Interesting communityRock the Boat is a podcast and community focused on Asian Americans challenging the status quo. This is an interesting model to consider if you’re thinking about launching a community: tell stories that’ll inspire your audience.

“[W]e find that people with longer commuting time report systematically lower subjective well-being.” Interesting paper and discussion on HackerNews.

I’m really fascinated by this approach to the work week: 5 hours per day, 4 days per week.

Project idea (very hard): build an ad blocker that works on Facebook (read how FB makes that difficult).

The Webb Blog explores the idea of a personal API, which seems really interesting.

I’m starting to think more about design, and how design can be a differentiator in building a community; I’ve been building a personal list of great landing pages, logos, etc.. This one really stood out.


  • Thinking about joining a coding bootcamp? One coding bootcamp has offered me a referral of 5% or about $500 for anyone that signs up. If you’re thinking of joining a coding bootcamp and this is of interest, you can sign up via the unique link they sent and I’ll give you back the referral fee. Email me.

  • LIV: I reached out to COO & co-founder of LIV, AJ Shewki, and he confirms that the entire team is remote. LIV, which is trying to make VR gaming more interactive, recently raised a $1M roundSetting up a time to chat with AJ, but wanted to give the community a heads up. LIV currently has two positions posted to AngelList: Unreal and C++ Engineer and Web Engineer.

  • Upwork: aside from its sales staff in Chicago, Upwork will consider remote candidates for all other roles. There are number of product and data/business intelligence roles currently listed.

Chris ✌️

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Full-stack Product Engineer – Salv (careers page)

Frontend Engineer (Mid to Senior) – Postscript (US)

Fullstack Engineer (Mid to Senior) – (US)

Sr. Full Stack Engineer, Payments – Starship (careers page)

Full Stack Engineer – (careers page)

Senior Full Stack Engineer (multiple openings) – Social Chorus (US)

Full-Stack Developer – Intevity

Software Architect (Ruby on Rails) – OutMatch (US)

Senior Web Developer – Treehouse (US)

Web Developer – (US)

Front End Developer – Yoko (“Everyone works remotely”)

Web Developer

Senior Backend Engineer – Launch Potato

Senior Front-end Engineer

Web Developer

Vue.js Engineer

Python Django Engineer

Node.js Engineer – Oddball

Senior Ruby on Rails Engineer – Whitespectre

Backend Engineer – We Are Mammoth

Senior Python Developer – Xapo

Senior Cryptocurrency Developer – Python

Python Developer

Linux Systems Engineer – Perforce


Product Manager – Starship (careers page. Note: careers page mentions remote) $100k – $130k • 0.1% – 1.0%

Product Manager – AdHawk

Product Manager – Pac-12

Product Manager – Hangar (US)

Product Manager – Oddball

Senior Manager, Product Strategy – Venafi

Scrum Master – Xapo

Implementation Lead

Product Manager – Canada – Sonatype

Product Marketing Manager – Voxnest (Europe)

Product Manager – Savvy

Product Marketing Manager – Fastly

Senior Growth & Monetization Manager

Senior Product Manager, Security (TLS)

Technical Program Manager

Product Owner, Marketing Site

Data Science

Data Scientist – Smart

AML Business Analyst – Tookitaki

Sr. Data Scientist

Data Scientist – NICE Actimize

Senior Software Engineer – Data Team – Fastly


VP of Growth Marketing – Perfect Keto

SEO Strategist – Sked Social (2-3 hours overlap w/ Melbourne) US$55-60k

Digital Strategist – Yoko (“Everyone works remotely”)

Sales & Marketing Coordinator – (mentions remote possible on careers page)

Growth Marketer – Voice123 – US $60k

English Copywriter – Vinted

Country Manager Colombia – Xapo

Country Manager Peru

Country Manager South Africa

Country Manager US

Lifecycle Communications Manager

Writer – Wild Audience

Content and Community Manager – Voxnext

Senior Growth Marketer – Slite


Web Designer – Yoko (“Everyone works remotely”)

Lead UX/UI Designer – Venafi

Graphic Artist – Waygo (part-time)

Senior Interaction Designer – Givelify

Product Designer – Gremlin (US)

Lead Product Designer – Gatsby

Web Designer – Bigscreen

UI Designer – Bejamas

Visual Designer – Ghost

Full Stack Product Designer – Localize (US) US $70-$100k

Senior Product Designer – Headway

Product Designer


Account Executive – Cyberhaven (careers/landing page)

Business Development Manager – Openly (jobs page)

Enterprise Account Executive – Lullabot (jobs page)

Ecosystem Director – Venafi

Senior Account Manager

Federal Account Executive, Civilian

Sales Development Representative – UK

Senior Account Manager – Launch Potato

Corporate Account Executive / Inside Sales – VirtualPBX

Junior Account Executive

Operations, Support & Other

Technical Support Engineer – Postman(US)

Customer Service Specialist – Starship (careers page)

Covenants Analyst – Reorg

Head of Retail – Perfect Keto (US)

Senior Manager, Global Sales Compensation – Venafi

Global Deal Desk Director

Developer Support Engineer – Lightbend (European timezones)

Manual Mobile Tester – Xapo

Customer Support Representative – Brazil

Multilingual Customer Support Representative

Senior Internal Auditor

Support and Extended Services Consultant – Tessitura Network (UK) – (careers page)

The Memo: #26 (81+ remote jobs)

Hey folks, 

Last week, I mentioned Peanut, the community for new mothers, and their excellent video that explains the need for their app in a very clever way. 

Well it seems that the people at Peanut are just all-round pretty clever. The app draws inspiration from Tinder’s swipe left/swipe right model. But, in this YouTube video, Peanut’s founder, Michelle Kennedy, mentions how the team didn’t want people to fill rejected when others swiped left. So they changed the actions: you swipe up to wave at someone and swipe down for maybe later. It’s subtle but I think it’s a great way of reframing/rebranding an action to minimize the negative feelings people might have when they use your product or service. Side note: if you’re a mom, or you have moms involved in your side project, the Peanut app could potentially be an interesting place to find early users. 

Lean Luxe, a newsletter focused on direct-to-consumer luxury businesses created by Paul Munford, has a unique way of on-boarding users into its Slack group. Anyone looking to get in has to first be a subscriber to the free newsletter for at least a month and they have to maintain an open-rate of at least 60%. Hunter Walk of Homebrew wrote a blog post on the model and I’ve seen others deploy it since learning of it. One reason I think it’s quite clever: newsletters typically have an open-rate at or below 50%. This model, if deployed successfully, could lead to a 10% increase in the open-rates compared to peers and could be valuable for differentiation when pitching potential sponsors. 

Things to think about if you’re thinking about building a community.

There’s been quite the influx of emails, new sign ups and new paying members since the last newsletter. So, let’s step back and talk about why I started The Memo.

  • Stock options. I noticed that many remote positions did not include stock options and I wanted to be an advocate for startups to find a way to grant stock options to their remote staff.  

  • A new model. Lots of people talk about how the future of work is remote but the models for in the hiring space seem to be the same. What would it look like if we placed the emphasis on the candidate and their career?

  • Out of office. My own inclination is to design a career around not working in a corporate environment. I’ve spoken to many subscribers & members, and you expressed the same idea: finding a way to minimize office politics seems to be a priority. 

Why am I building this community now?

  • No love for LinkedIn. I personally don’t get much value out of LinkedIn, ane there seems a general backlash against LinkedIn. There’s an opportunity to build a career community, with a new model, specifically for remote workers. 

  • Hidden positions. In talking to founders, I realized that many companies would consider hiring remote but don’t actively brand themselves as “remote-first” or
    “remote-friendly.” There’s an opportunity to connect people to those roles. 

  • Large opportunity. There’s lots of people that are interested in remote work, but I suspect that there are many many more that have never considered and would find it valuable. 

Right now, we are a job board delivered via email. We’re like Scott’s Cheap Flights but for remote jobs. (There’s additional perks for members who support us.)

How are we different from other remote job boards?

A fair amount of the jobs and companies that we feature aren’t also published on AngelList, WeWorkRemotely or the other job boards. 

Support the newsletter and community by becoming a founding member.

So, all that to say, if you’re interested in supporting this project as we try to rethink how remote workers connect to new roles and launch side projects, I’m extending the founding member deal, where you can join for just $69/lifetime (one-time fee) by using this discount coupon:

Join for $69/lifetime

Note: I need to manually switch accounts from annual to lifetime and will confirm the switch and I reach out to you with the welcome email.

Why join?

  • Founding member status

  • CV + cover letter review whenever you need it

  • Community 1-on-1s

  • Early access to each newsletter 

  • No ads ever

  • Best practice tips on building your own side project (let’s set up call/Google chat to talk about what you’re building)

We’re working on other benefits for founding members, which you can read about on our about page.

Newsletter sponsorships do not seem to be worth it. I’ve been reaching out to companies about sponsoring the newsletter and then using those funds to support one or more community-led side projects. The quoted rates are far too low and I don’t think it’s worth moving forward on that front, at the moment.

I did, however, speak to a coding bootcamp that offered a referral fee if anyone signs up. If anyone is thinking about doing a coding bootcamp, I’ll get the referral link and give you back the 5%-10% that the company would be giving me. Happy to do this for anyone in the community, subscriber or member. Also happy to do this for other services, if you let me know what service you’re looking for.

One more thing:

  • Interesting blog post by The World Economic Forum on how people can remain competitive in an evolving job market that’s being increasingly reshaped by technology. Two things they recommend: adopt the mindset of the lifelong learner and build a portfolio career. Basically: learn new stuff and build new stuff. (As always, if you’re thinking of a side project or working on one, reach out. I’d love to hear about it).


Chris ✌️

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Senior software engineer (JS/TS) – Linear (about page)

Full-stack engineer – Guilded (JS, React, SQL)

Back-End Developer (Early Career) – Prolific (Remote, UK)

Back-End Developer (Experienced) – (Remote, UK)

Senior Backend Developer – Taplytics (Node.js) 

Fullstack Developer Customer Solutions –

Performance Engineer

Mobile App Developer

Frontend Engineer

DevOps Engineer

Backend Engineer

Fullstack Engineer

Senior Full-stack JavaScript Engineer – Aula (React, Node.js) – (Remote within GMT +/- 6 hours)

Junior/Graduate Developer (Go, Node, PHP) – Flyt (Europe) £30,000 - £50,000

Remote Junior/Graduate Developer (Go, Node, PHP) – Flyt (North America) $40,000 CAD - $70,000 CAD

Ruby & Go Systems Developer – DNSimple (jobs page)

Senior RoR Full-stack Developer – MarsBased (Europe) €35K and €42K

Senior RoR Backend Developer – (Europe) €35K and €42K

Kubernetes Solution Engineer – Giant Swarm (US East Coast)

Platform Engineer – (Europe)

Platform Engineer, VMWare – (Europe)

Senior Solutions Engineer – source{d} 49,000€ to 53,000€ + 0.1%

Senior Software Engineer, Applications Team – 49-53,000€ + 0.195%

Lead Software Engineer, Applications Team – 58,000 Euros + 0.195% (between SF & Moscow)

Lead Infrastructure Engineer – 58,000€ + 0.195%

Senior Backend Engineer – Khan Academy (US, Canada)

ReactJS Developer – ColorElephant

Frontend Engineer, Indie Hackers – Stripe


Product Manager (Mid Level) – IOHK

Product Manager –

Agile Coach

Senior Product Manager – source{d}

Experienced Digital Project Manager– ColorElephant

Director of Product – rtCamp (part-time contract)

Data Science 

Business Intelligence Analyst – IOHK

Data Analyst (w/ intermediate German) – Idego

Senior Software Engineer, Data Retrieval Team – source{d} (between SF and Moscow) 49-53,000€ + 0.195%

Senior Data Infrastructure Engineer – Khan Academy (US, Canada)

Data Analytics & BI Engineer – FindHotel

Sr. Business Intelligence Engineer – Upwork


Community Lead – IOHK

US Head of Marketing – Aula (US)

Head of Marketing – ColorElephant

VP Marketing & Demand Generation – Giant Swarm

Project Manager – Exposure Ninja

Temporary Content Marketing Specialist

Copywriting Expert – B12

Game Developer Relations Manager – CrazyGames

Head of Communications – Chainlink

Community Lead (South East Asia)

Content Marketing and Community Manager – Packlane (US, Canada)


Product Designer – Linear (about page)

Product Designer – Guilded

UI/UX Designer – Idego

Senior Illustrator – Khan Academy (US)

Web Designer – B12

Creative Director – rtCamp

Web Designer

Head of Design – Chainlink


Sales Executive – ArangoDB (UK preferred; also, central european metropolitan areas (e.g. Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam))

Sales Executive – (East Coast, e.g. Chicago, Boston, New York, Atlanta)

Account Executive, Europe – source{d} (Europe)

Director of Business Development (China) – Chainlink

Director of Business Development

Account Manager – Packlane

Operations, Support & Other

Research Support & Consultancy – Prolific (Remote, UK)

Research Fellow – IOHK

Technical Writer –

Customer Operations– Flyt (£22,000 - £26,000)

Bookkeeper/Admin Assistant(full or part-time)

Technical Support

Customer Success Technician – DNSimple (jobs page)

Senior Technical Support – ArangoDB (US East Coast hours)

Solutions Architect – (US West Coast)

Sales Engineer – Giant Swarm

Senior Sales Engineer – source{d} (Europe, pref Paris or Madrid)

Head of People – Chainlink

Developer Evangelist

Technical Documentation Writer

Head of Finance – Lingo

Language and Communication Coach

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The Memo: #25 (90+ remote jobs)

Hey folks,

In building this newsletter and community, I’ve been looking at lots of great examples of indie makers and startups that have figured something key out about building a community. As I continue to seek out the first sponsor for the free version of the newsletter and use those funds to support people in the community building their own side projects, I thought I’d share some of interesting examples over the next few newsletters.

Peanut, which recently announced a $5M funding round, is a community for mothers. The company’s explainer video has a series of women recite a poem on motherhood called “What’s my name again.” The video (on the landing page) is such a clear success in explaining the need for the community and they do it in a really novel way. If you’re thinking about your own side projects, which I know many of you are, I think this is a really great example of how to hook people on the need for what you’re creating.

A little while back, I asked this question:

As a remote worker, what's one thing that would make your life easier, make you more efficient, or reduce any obstacles that you've encountered?

One thing that came up, was that some of you felt that remote workers aren’t always treated the same as your on-premise colleagues. For example, needing to demonstrate how you’ve spent your time with weekly reports. Have others had a similar experience? If you have similar experiences that you’d like to share or would like add your add your own response to the question, you can do so here.

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Also: The Memo emerged while working on another newsletter, which involved interviewing early-stage founders (I noticed that many companies would consider remote candidates without making mention of that fact in their job adverts). In the future, we may look to host member-only events where you can ask founders and VCs questions.

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Chris ✌️

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Senior Software Engineer – Spreedly (US, expect CA, WA, or NY)

Senior Software Engineer – Base (US)

Senior Front-End Developer – Jibble Group (UTC - UTC+8 time zones)

Web Architect – 1Password (Work remotely, from anywhere, flexibly – all positions)

Engineering Manager – MixMax (JS, React, Express) – (4 hours overlap with 9 AM - 6 PM Pacific Time)

Security Manager

Senior Engineering Manager – (JS, React, Express) – (4 hours overlap with 9 AM - 6 PM Pacific Time)

Senior Software Engineer – (Node, React, JS) – (4 hours overlap with 9 AM - 6 PM Pacific Time)

Technical Support Engineer – Strya

Software Engineer, Platform

Senior Software Engineer

Senior Open Source Engineer

Web Engineer – LIV (Europe, remote) $40k – $110k • 0.25% – 2.0%

Unreal and C++ Engineer – (Europe, remote) $40k – $120k • 0.25% – 2.0%

Webapp Backend Engineer – Community

Senior Backend Engineer

Senior DevOps Engineer

Senior Full Stack Engineer – Namaste Technologies (Node.js, React) – (between EDT (Toronto time) and GMT+3 (Moscow time))

Senior Node.js Engineer – (between EDT (Toronto time) and GMT+3 (Moscow time))

Senior Backend Engineer – Pitch

Senior Frontend Engineer, Security

Software Engineer

Senior QA Engineer

Senior iOS Engineer

Senior Frontend Engineer

Frontend Engineer, Performance

Senior Ruby Backend Developer – Veeqo (remote ok within a few hours of GMT)

Technical Lead, Web Development – HubSpot (US)

Support Engineer – Mattermost

WordPress Developer – WP Buffs

Senior Frontend Engineer – vidIQ

Frontend Engineer – FireBase (careers page)

Backend Engineer – (careers page)


Manager, Product Expert Team – HubSpot (US)

Product Marketing Manager – Auth0 (North America)

Product Manager, Consul – HashiCorp (US, Canada)

Product Manager, GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) – (US, Canada)

Product Manager, Terraform Ecosystem – (US, Canada)

Product Manager, Vault Core – (US, Canada)

Sr. Product Manager – (US, Canada)

Product Manager – Argent (Europe)

Product Owner – Greenpeace

VP of Product – Coffee Meets Bagel (*mentions remote possibility on career page*)

Senior Product Manager

Product Owner – Toggl

Data Science 

Senior Data Engineer – Spreedly (US, expect CA, WA, or NY)

Data Engineer – vidIQ

Senior Product Data Scientist – Coffee Meets Bagel

Data Scientist, Trading Technologies – Kraken

Data Scientist

Data Engineer


Content Marketer – 1Password (Work remotely, from anywhere, flexibly – all positions)

Senior Marketing Manager, Freemium Acquisition, Content Marketing – HubSpot

Senior Growth Marketer – Argent (Europe)


Graphic/Web Designer – Jibble Group (likely: UTC - UTC+8 time zones)

Product Designer – Paylocity

Designer – Prisma

Product (UX and Web) Designer – SimpleTexting (available during US hours)

UI Designer – Kraken

Product Designer – Toggl

UI Engineer – Aragon


Enterprise Account Executive – Spreedly

Enterprise Sales, Convenience Stores – Punchh

Enterprise Sales, Restaurants

Enterprise Sales, Retail

VP North American Sales, Restaurants

Corporate Account Executive, SaaS Sales – HubSpot (US)

Channel Account Manager – (US)

Channel Account Executive, SaaS Sales – (US)

Business Development Representative – Kira Systems (UK)

Account Director, Corporate/Commercial - US West (US)

Military and Special Operations Business Development Manager – goTenna

Operations, Support & Other

Legal Counsel – 1Password (Canada)

Partnership Manager – Veeqo (London, remote ok)

Remote Customer Support Specialist, Technical Support – HubSpot

Partnerships Account Executive – (US)

Manager, Customer Support – (US)

Manager, Customer Success – (US)

Manager, Customer Onboarding Team – (US)

Renewals Specialist – (US)

Renewal Manager – (US)

Career Coach – SpringBoard (US Pacific) – part-time, contract, remote

Career Coach – (India) – part-time, contract, remote

Customer Support Specialist – Respondent (continental US Time Zone)

Recruiter (continental US Time Zone)

Support Specialist – WP Buffs

Program Manager – PartnerHero

Head of Strategic Partnerships

IT Support Specialist – Kraken

Senior Business Systems Analyst

Legal Account Director – Kira Systems (UK)

Channel Partner Manager (US West Coast)

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