Community 1-on-1s (+132 remote roles)

Chris DeLuca

For those new to the community, welcome!

We’re a supportive micro-community for ambitious remote workers and anyone continuously building and iterating their careers.

I round up remote roles, many of which you won’t see on AngelList or other remote job boards.

Ultimately, though, as I’ve said in the past, most people aren’t going to find a job via a job board. But, I see an opportunity to build an engaged community that first starts from these job round ups.

This newsletter is the early stages of a career platform dedicated to remote workers and anyone interested in finding more time to build things, learn things, and connect with others to build and learn things.

This gets me back to being a micro-community. If you’re a career platform that’s raised venture capital, you need to make your platform as large as you possibly can. But, my vision for this community is that at some point I’ll be able to cap the number of people that are signed up and ruthlessly focus on providing value to our members.

For now, this is all a bit of an experiment. So, I appreciate you being here as I figure things out.

You can support the newsletter & community and become a founding member.


❶ Networking as a Group

Networking is hard. Working remotely adds an additional layer of difficulty to building and nurturing connections.

To try and create some accountability and help you develop the habit of networking, I’m going to be testing out 30-days of networking.

The goal is to reach out to someone in your network everyday for a month. I’ll create a Slack thread dedicated to this experiment. Everyday, you can post who you connected with and see who others in the channel connected with.

For one, there'll be some group accountability that'll give people the push needed to network. But I'm also imagining that there'll be natural synergies that come up ("oh cool, you know X from Y company, I'd love an intro.) and also the ability to put out general requests for who others might consider networking with ("If anyone knows someone at X, I love what their doing and would really love an intro to someone, especially on the Y team.")

❷ Matchmaking

A few months back, I was testing out matching people together for community for 1-on-1s based what I knew about them and who I thought they’d be interested in connecting with.

Talking to members recently, there’s been positive feedback for these 1-on-1s.

I want to open this idea up and try it with everyone in the community.

If you’re interested in a connecting with someone in the community for a 1-on-1 conversation, drop a couple lines about yourself in this form.

Open to all.

Note: no need to submit if you’ve previously given me a short bio.

❸ Supporting Makers

Ok, so if you’ve been signed up to the newsletter for a while, you know that I’ve experimented with securing a sponsor and using the funds from the sponsorship to support one person in the community building a side project. (You can check out the first sponsorship here and details on the selected project here).

This is something that I want to get back to but finding sponsors has been a time consuming process. I’ve been in touch recently with a few prospective sponsors and hope to land something by the next time you receive a newsletter from me.

In the meantime, an additional way that this community can support people building side projects is by taking the funds from an affiliate program and putting those funds towards their project.

So, I’m going to test out referring products to this community that I think are good. If you like the product that I refer and you purchase it, the referral funds will get put towards one person in the community building a side project.

First product, Fathom Analytics. Fathom is a privacy-focused alternative to Google Analytics. It’s not something that I’ve personally tested out yet, but it’s created by Paul Jarvis, an indiemaker with an approach to growth and building that I’ve mentioned in the past. If you’re interested in giving Fathom Analytics a look, use this referral link.

I don’t have high expectations for this, but I’ll update a doc regularly with a screenshot of the referral stats, for full transparency.

Got a project that you’d like to submit? You can fill out this form.

Note: if you’ve filled out a form in the past, you’re all set, unless you’ve got a new project or you want to make some tweaks.

Also: if you can help connect the newsletter to a sponsor or if you or your company would like to sponsor the newsletter, email me.


  • Lots of interesting companies that are hiring with roles that aren’t posted elsewhere. This Product Designer role, for example.

  • I’m several weeks into teaching myself Python. I’m finding CodingBat very useful. I’m interested to hear about what you’re using this time to learn. Email me.

  • Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman has come up a few times recently. It’s a must read, if you haven’t already. I want to test something out. For everyone that refers one person who signs up to the free version of the newsletter, you’ll be entered to get a copy of the book. Between now and the next newsletter, I’ll be personally be in touch with everyone that signs up to the newsletter to see what types of roles they’re looking for and where they learned about the newsletter. Pretty simple. I’ll pick one person before the next newsletter and send you copy of Thinking, Fast and Slow.

Chris ️

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In Praise of Idleness (+145 remote roles)

Chris DeLuca

Some interesting companies featured in today’s job drop. Stripe and Slite, who I recently included in a job round-up, just announced capital raises and are hiring. Others that just raised capital and that are hiring remotely include Stamus Networks, Remote, Vercel, and Glassbox.

❶ Being Idle

A little while back, I cited this interview with Paul Jarvis where he talks about growth and setting a limit on working. The quote I pulled was:

“With growth, if you start to think about things like upper limits or like what enough is, and that’s different for everybody, “…” you can say ‘ok, like, if I know I need my business to make money to be profitable and support my life “…” if I reach that then I can ease off the throttle a bit, I can pay more attention to the audience that I have, I can maybe take a break, I could maybe recharge my batteries, I could maybe not work 16 hours a day but work 4 or 5 hours and find other things that I don’t have to monetize that I can just enjoy doing.

I followed that up by saying:

…whether you’re looking for a full-time remote role, or you’re building a project largely on your own, or something between those two things, that idea of finding enough and finding balance is kinda something that I want for everyone that’s signed up to this newsletter.

This week, I stumbled on this essay by Bertrand Russell, titled In Praise of Idleness, that takes the idea even further.

I want to say, in all seriousness, that a great deal of harm is being done in the modern world by belief in the virtuousness of work, and that the road to happiness and prosperity lies in an organized diminution of work.

Look, these are some scary times for a lot people. It seems like a daily occurrence that a prominent and well-funded startup announces that they’re slashing their workforce. If your livelihood has been directly impacted by this public health crisis, reach out and I’ll try connecting you to at least one other person in the community that may be a beneficial contact.

But, it’s worth remembering that there is virtue in learning something unrelated to your career, having down time, and not fully optimizing every waking second. You can and should allow yourself that, if you can.

The full essay by Russell is worth a read.

❷ For the Makers

Airbnb recently launched Online Experiences. They’re branding it as a way for people to travel virtually. I was skeptical but then saw some of their offerings. Meditation with a Japanese Buddhist Monk, Learn to Cook Mexican Salsas, Virtual Bike Tour with a Gold Medalist Triathlete, Guided Meditation with Sleepy Sheep, Dogs of Chernobyl.

All of those sounded intriguing!

All of that to say, if you’re thinking about a building a profitable side project but you haven’t quite settled on what that looks like yet, this might serve as inspiration. Show people your neighbourhood or teach people something that you’re good at.

I’d love to know: what’s one area you feel like you could speak on for 30 minutes without research and that you can teach others? Email me

❸ Interesting Things

I’ve been reading a lot about X, Google’s moonshot factory, and it sounds like an incredible place to work and dream about the future. X’s CEO wrote this post for unleashing radical creativity.

Heartcore Fellowship Program: "Y Combinator for people who can't leave their house.” €100,000 per founder for a 7% total equity stake, via convertible note. The goal is to build a prototype with the financing and then raise a seed round. Open to everyone in Europe who’s working on pre-pre-seed tech in the consumer space. Online application, followed by Zoom call.

One of my favourite contemporary novelists, Elif Batuman, on the shortcomings of short stories. If you’re thinking about writing and communicating and in general, there’s a lot that she nails, like the use of hyperspecificity.

This podcast about the Passion Economy with a Patreon co-founder and a partner at a16z. I’ve talked in the past about how I think now is the time to create a profitable side project and this podcast provides some really interesting stats.

  1. Pateron transferred $1bn to creators over a decade, but half of that, $500m, was in the last year.

  2. Online education + health & wellness is a $140bn category combined. Possibility that some portion of this spend will transfer to independent creators.

Now feels like the time to build some stuff and crave out a place for ourselves outside of the office.


  • Call for a project: Common advice when starting a project is “fall in love with a problem.” I’d love to see a newsletter that highlights one problem per week and provides some key stats around that problem.

  • CV feedback: Working on the final few people to provide CV feedback to. Looking to get this done asap. Thanks for your patience.

  • Two apps: If you’re finding it difficult to concentrate or are feeling more anxious than usual, here’s two apps that I have helped me: Waking Up, a meditation app by Sam Harris and Tidal HiFi. Really unique guide mediation that gets you to contemplate the nature of consciousness and lossless compression that’s made a devout podcast listener rediscover music. Praise be to Frank Ocean.

  • Support the community and join as a founding member: For the time being, I’ve lowered the annual and lifetime membership costs to $69 and $99, respectively. You’ll get access to CV templates, CV and cover letter review, access to our Slack group which includes members with experience at Google, Amazon, and Harvard, and full access to new features that I develop to help support people interested in finding remote work, building their networks, and developing meaningful side projects.

    In the Slack group, I’ll be placing a greater emphasis on private channels organized around skill-sets, the first of which is dedicated to product managers. Come connect with other PMs and learn about where they’ve applied and their experiences with specific companies and how they’re thinking about developing their careers in a remote-first world.

    Note: lifetime membership says per year on the subscription page. I need to apply the lifetime status manually and will confirm when I send out a personal welcome email.

Chris ️

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CV Review

Chris DeLuca

Hey folks,

A full newsletter and job drop is coming later this week but I wanted to reach out to everyone in the community.

For a lot of people that I’ve heard from, COVID-19 has introduced an added layer of complexity and uncertainty in the job-finding process.

For all subscribers, I’m offering to review your CV and offer feedback for free, no need to become a member.

You can attach your CV/resume here.

I’ll try to get through as many as I can on a daily basis.

Hope this helps someone in the community.

If there’s some other way that either I or the larger community can help you out during this time, just reply to this newsletter (your email goes to my personal email).

Help others out by spreading the word about the newsletter and community.

If you’re interested supporting the newsletter, I’m offering fifty percent off the monthly and annual membership here. If you’re interested in a lifetime membership, just shoot me a message. You’ll get access to the Slack channel that just launched and the CV templates.

Another way to support the growth of the newsletter and community is to simply follow me on Twitter.

Chris ✌️

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